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8 TIPS for Avoiding the Suitcase Blues

According to the 2013 SITA Report, 26 Million checked bags went missing last year!  The good news is that over 99% are returned to their owners within 5 days. Here are some tips for minimizing the risk of lost baggage: 1. INVEST IN BAGGAGE INSURANCE, such as RBC’s Non-Medical and Deluxe Policies. 2....
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5 Tips for Travelling with Kids

Family travel is exploding in popularity.  Here are some tips for keeping it fun for all: Get the kids involved by including them in the trip planning, which can be a big part of the fun of travel. Consider their wish lists , and when they get older you can even involve them in budget decisions.

How to Stay Active While Travelling

You don’t need to throw fitness out the plane window when you travel! Here are some ways to stay active: PLAN AHEAD – Book accommodation with a gym, or that is at least in an area that is safe to walk. Incorporate your favourite sport into the trip (rent bikes, go golfing, or play beach...
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