8 Essential Tips for Safe and Healthy Travel

Here is a checklist of important travel tips to go over before each and every trip: 1. Respect local laws and customs – Something that may be normal here can get you put in jail in some countries. Plus, when you respect local customs, you respect the local people.
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9 Non-Essential Travel Essentials

We all know that you should never leave home without your toothbrush, and you’d be silly to forget your passport.  But too often it’s the little things that make all the difference on the road.  Here are eight non-essential travel accessories that you may find to be, well, essential. ...

Tips for staying healthy on your next flight!

Ever get off a flight and start to feel ill almost immediately? Many fliers compain of headache, fatigue, fever or breathing problems. Some of these symptoms may be due to the low barometric pressure, oxygen content and humidity in the air cabin. When combined with jet lag, sleep deprivation, travel...

10 Tips for clearing airport security with ease

Going through security at the airport can be a dignity stripping experience. Here are some pointers to make it faster, and easier: Pack your laptop so you can easily remove it and send it through the X-ray machine. Don’t forget to label it, they are one of the most frequently forgotten items at...