Passport Needed for Mexico as of March 1 2010

A reminder from Mexico for all Canadians planning to travel to Mexico – March 1, brings new entry requirements into Mexico.  Most notably  CANADIAN CITIZENS will be required to present a valid passport. This change will align Mexico to all the security measures established by the ICAO International...

Flying to the U.S. and confused about how to pack?

Most of you are likely familiar with the limitations on taking liquids through airport security as carry on.  With each new security breach, travelling to the United States becomes more and more difficult.  To ensure that you have a smooth start to your trip, make sure to head to the airport very...
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Travelling with Kids – Crossing Borders

By road or by air, getting yourself across borders has become more complicated in recent years – and if you are crossing with little ones, things get even more interesting. Here are a few tips:
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Pre-packing checklist: 7 Simple Steps

How can you prepare for your next trip?  Here is a checklist of seven simple (yet easily forgotten) steps to take before departure. ONE WEEK BEFORE TAKEOFF 1.  Freshen up your suitcases: Air out your bags before you pack. And next time you put luggage away, leave lavender sachets by L’Occitane...
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10 Tips for clearing airport security with ease

Going through security at the airport can be a dignity stripping experience. Here are some pointers to make it faster, and easier: Pack your laptop so you can easily remove it and send it through the X-ray machine. Don’t forget to label it, they are one of the most frequently forgotten items at...