Tips for Eating Healthy on your All-Inclusive Getaway

Booking an all-inclusive vacation does not have to also mean that you are taking a vacation from healthy eating habits. Here are some tips for tackling the buffets and coming home feeling relaxed AND healthy: Research Local Specialties- In a foreign country, we sometimes encounter dishes that look...

Avoid Trouble While Travelling Abroad

Here 8 tips to help you prepare for the unexpected while travelling: At the very least, read all about the country you will be visiting on Canada’s Foreign Affairs site. Make sure your passport is up to date. There are some countries that require that it is valid for three or six months beyond the...
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8 Health Benefits of Travelling

Even a short trip can do wonders for your well-being! Here are some of the health benefits of traveling: 1. REDUCE STRESS – Travel gives you an opportunity to relax and de-stress, and stress reduction is always healthy! 2. AVOID MONOTONY – As the saying goes, “A Change is as Good...

An Excellent Travel Health Resource

It is always a great idea to visit with a Travel Health Nurse before your big trip, but another great resource is Travel Health Online.  It is a comprenensive and very useful resource for destination information, vaccines, diseases, travel health advice, and even travel medical clinics. If you are...
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Your Guide to Healthy Travel

Remember that anything can happen while you are away from home, so be PREPARED.  This is most important where your health is concerned, and could save your vacation… or even your life! Here is what you need to know to TRAVEL HEALTHY :

Tips for staying healthy on your next flight!

Ever get off a flight and start to feel ill almost immediately? Many fliers compain of headache, fatigue, fever or breathing problems. Some of these symptoms may be due to the low barometric pressure, oxygen content and humidity in the air cabin. When combined with jet lag, sleep deprivation, travel...