How to combat Jet Lag

Jet lag from long distance flights sometimes make us wish we never left home! It is caused by a mismatch between the time zone you are in, and the time zone your body thinks it’s in, essentially a disruption of the body’s circadian rhythmns. Jet lag affects us all differently, but there...
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One pitfall of heightened airline security

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Tips for staying healthy on your next flight!

Ever get off a flight and start to feel ill almost immediately? Many fliers compain of headache, fatigue, fever or breathing problems. Some of these symptoms may be due to the low barometric pressure, oxygen content and humidity in the air cabin. When combined with jet lag, sleep deprivation, travel...

Pre-packing checklist: 7 Simple Steps

How can you prepare for your next trip?  Here is a checklist of seven simple (yet easily forgotten) steps to take before departure. ONE WEEK BEFORE TAKEOFF 1.  Freshen up your suitcases: Air out your bags before you pack. And next time you put luggage away, leave lavender sachets by L’Occitane...
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