Porter Airlines – An Underdog Story

Porter Airlines recently carried their 5 millionth passenger and celebrated their 5th birthday within a couple of days.  Both accomplishments are significant in the cutthroat airline industry where the barriers to entry are high, margins are low, and competition is fierce. They set the tone early...
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Fun Airline Trivia

How many can you get out of 10? Answers below! * 1. Approximately how many passengers and flight attendants are injured each year by items falling from airplane overhead storage compartments? 2. Which plane built by Howard Hughes only flew once but was the largest plane in existence at the time? 3....
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Breaking news – Westjet announces new code share agreement

WestJet is making some serious moves these days, and they don’t seem to be slowing down.  Just a few months after signing a code share agreement with low cost pioneer Southwest Airlines, they have announced a similar agreement with AirFrance-KLM.   Read the USA Today Article here. ...

10 Strangest Airline Stories of 2008

Some crazy stuff happened last year year in the airline industry - I came across this article on the 10 Strangest Airline Stories of 2008, and thought you might find it entertaining!
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Just another reason to love WestJet

Westjet drops Fuel Surcharges In response to dropping fuel costs, WestJet has done the unthinkable and removed the the recently added fuel surcharges.  Now, that’s refreshing!  While the major US legacy carriers continue to add on fees and remove service while wallowing in self pity,...
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ZOOM Airlines goes bankrupt

Zoom Airlines was grounded on Thursday, as the recent spike in fuel prices was too much to handle for the popular discount airline.   Operations are suspended immediately, and all flights are cancelled, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded. Customer funds are covered by TICO (the Travel Industry...
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Virus Alert: Northwest Airlines warns of bogus e-mail

Computer viruses are an unfortunate reality in the highly connected world we live in, and they are often spread through e-mail attachments.  The main way to combat those viruses is to simply delete the e-mail without opening the attachment.  The problem is that the dredges of the computer world...
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When “No Frills Airline” was just a joke

Rising fuel costs are forcing airlines to become more efficient, to add ‘fuel surcharges’ to their flight prices, and to get very creative in cutting costs.  This means that they are eliminating or charging for things that we have taken for granted in the past, such as snacks,...
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