A Deal a Day on Sunquest’s Advent Calendar

Sunquest is offering a great deal every day until Christmas on their Advent Calendar! E-mail me or check HERE to see the Calendar and the daily deal.  Many of the top tour operators are offering fantastic deals for 2010, and it is a great time to book.  Don’t count on better pricing and availablity...
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E-brochures now available!

Travel brochures are packed with useful information and pictures, and can be a great help when planning a trip.  In their traditional paper version, they are also bulky, certainly not eco-friendly, and they quickly become out of date and obsolete.  Many of my trusted travel suppliers actually produce...
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Tips for NOT losing your bags while flying!

Airline passengers are losing 1000’s of bags daily. Airlines can misplace them, and they can be stolen by professional ‘airport thieves’.  Take these precautions, and you will drastically increase your odds of arriving WITH your luggage: