Ole! Mexico is Back!

Dream of having the beach to yourself?  Head to Mexico now!  Canadian Foreign Affairs has lifted it’s travel warning for Mexico, and most Canadian tour operators are adding it back into their programs throughout the month of June  It will take a while for the tourist traffic to reach...
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Your Guide to Healthy Travel

Remember that anything can happen while you are away from home, so be PREPARED.  This is most important where your health is concerned, and could save your vacation… or even your life! Here is what you need to know to TRAVEL HEALTHY :

No Passport? It’s Time.

It wasn’t long ago that Canadians could travel to the United States freely without a passport. Those with modest travel plans who never expected to venture beyond North Amerca had no real need for one.  Well, those times are over. A couple of years ago, the U.S. started to require passports...
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Possible End of an Era for Canadian Travel to Cuba

Earlier this year President Obama lifted the restrictions on Cuban Americans visiting Cuba, a move that many think will pave the way for opening Cuba travel to all Americans.  If and when that happens, Americans will certainly flock there in droves!The proximity (only 90 miles from Florida!), the novelty...
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The Best Job in the World!

Tourism Queensland has awarded what the ‘Best Job in the World’ to a bungee jumping, ostrich-riding British charity worker.  Ben Southall beat out 35,000 other applicants for the six-month contract to serve as caretaker of a tropical Australian island.  He’ll swim, explore and...

Royal Caribbean 2 Day WOW Sale!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is having a 2 Day WOW Sale May 5 and 6, 2009. Make a booking for August 2009 or later and the deposit is only 50%, plus you receive an on board credit!  I am an Accredited Cruise Counsellor and can help you find the perfect cruise – on Royal Caribbean, or on another...
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