Why You Should Still Travel

The recent failure of a major Canadian tour operator has left some feeling nervous about travelling.  Here are three reasons to keep your plans to get away: There are successful Canadian travel companies who care for their customers, and show it.  CASE IN POINT – WestJet CARE-antee. You can...
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2010 Olympics – Why Not Stay in a Luxury FLOATING Resort?

 The 2010 Vancouver Olympics is coming, and NOW is the time to lock down accommodations. Travelonly is excited to present an exciting and unique opportunity to “Stay on Board”! Norwegian Cruise Lines is offering it’s deluxe cruise ship, the Norwegian Star, during this spectacular...

Great Canadian Mystery Tours!

Want a short getaway, but can’t decide where you want to go?  Travelonly is proud to feature three Mystery Tours with Great Canadian Holidays!  Just get on the bus and enjoy the experience of a luxury coach, great hotels and food, and many surprises along the way!  It’s an exciting travel...
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The One Room Mobile Luxury Hotel!

Everland is more of an intriguing project than a hotel, but don’t be mistaken, it really is a hotel too!  It can be booked for a night or visited during the day.  The pod-like structure includes a king bed, a bathroom and a lounge area.  It also comes with great views, a record collection,...

Conquest Ceases Operations

On Wednesday April 15th, one of Canada’s largest tour operators ceased operations. Conquest Vacations has been in business for 37 years and the announcement comes as a shock.  If you have a vacation booked with Conquest and have not travelled yet, you should call your credit card company immediately...
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Blowout SUN SALE for May and June!

Click anywhere to see the Sunquest Blowout Specials!
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The Rapping Flight Attendant and More Live In Flight Entertainment

Southwest Airlines is getting to be quite well known for it’s entertaining flight attendants!  If you’ve ever had trouble paying attention the airplane safety briefing, you might want to fly with this guy: Dave – the rapping flight attendant.(Here is the uninterrupted version: FULL...
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Top 10 Summer Deals for Families

Looking to take a great family vacation this summer without breaking the bank?  There has never been so many options at such great prices!  Check out Travelonly’s Top 10 list of Summer Deals for Families.  This is just a sampling -the options are virtually endless.  Contact me today help...
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