10 Tips for Travel to Europe

1. Pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on to fill up once you pass through security. Fill it up under a drinking fountain before you board your flight. This will not only save you money (airport bottled water can run over $5 a bottle), but it will also give you the convenience of water at your fingertips...
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7 Cruise Misconceptions

Cruising is really a great way to vacation, and more and more people are catching ‘cruising fever’, as it continues to be the fastest growing segment of the travel industy. From the questions I’ve been asked, it’s seems that there are still many misconceptions about cruising,  held...
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Five Keys to Travelling with Toddlers

Travel with kids can be a great time of bonding and, and is an opportunity to build some fantastic family memories.   No trip is ever perfect,  but paying extra attention to a few important factors can mean the difference between yours being a glowing success or a stress filled failure. We are...
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Tips for Eating Healthy on your All-Inclusive Getaway

Booking an all-inclusive vacation does not have to also mean that you are taking a vacation from healthy eating habits. Here are some tips for tackling the buffets and coming home feeling relaxed AND healthy: Research Local Specialties- In a foreign country, we sometimes encounter dishes that look...

RBC Insurance Claims – True Stories!

Have you wondered if anyone ever actually USES their Travel Insurance? When we buy something we want to feel like we got some value for it, and yet with insurance we never really want to use it. As a result, too often we skip the Travel Insurance. Believe me, RBC and other Travel Insurance providers...
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Browse our Virtual Brochure Rack!

Most Travel Brochures are now available on-line for convenient and green viewing right on your computer.  Dreaming about your next trip?    Feel free to check out our “Virtual Brochure Rack” anytime!  Contact me at kvisser@travelonly.com if you are looking for something that is not there,...
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Canada’s Kid Friendly Airports

When travelling with children, layovers and flight delays can seem like an eternity.  Fortunately most Canadian airports have facilities to keep toddlers and tykes entertained.  Here are some highlights: Calgary airport has Spaceport, a space themed play area that is full of interactive displays –...
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6 Tips for Preparing for your Trip

Many Canadians find ways to escape our winter blues and top-up our tans by travelling to warmer climates. Whether you own a vacation home in Florida, plan a cruise or a resort getaway there are several things to consider before and while you are gone. Things to do before you leave….. 1. Prepare...
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8 Essential Tips for Safe and Healthy Travel

Here is a checklist of important travel tips to go over before each and every trip: 1. Respect local laws and customs – Something that may be normal here can get you put in jail in some countries. Plus, when you respect local customs, you respect the local people.
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10 Reasons to Visit Disney NOW!

Disney World is truly for everyone! It’s a world as big as imagination itself, with four world famous Disney Theme Parks, fun-filled water parks, and two of the best entertainment, shopping districts in Orlando, plus a huge range of activities, from golf to relaxing spas. With 47 square miles of...
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