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Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite!

The Bedbug Registry exists to give travelers and renters a reliable and neutral platform for reporting their encounters with bedbugs.  These retro pests are spreading extremely quickly across several North American cities! Bed bugs are easy to transport in luggage and very hard to get rid of. They...

Fun Geography – Countries of the World by YAKKO

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Birds of a feather travel in groups

GROUP travel has never been more popular, and for good reason: Travelling with friends and family can be more fun Save money with group rates Potentially travel for free if you are the group organizer or leader! Added amenities and bonuses, and better payment terms Make memories together! A GROUP...
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Kid Stuff: Child Controls Air Traffic at JFK

04 MAR 2010:  Dad got more than a detention for this one. The Federal Aviation Administration suspended an air traffic controller and a supervisor after they permitted the controller’s elementary-school-aged child to direct air traffic at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport....
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Your Stuffie Deserves a Vacation Too!

No idea is too farfetched these days!  A Czech travel agency is offering escorted trips for toys.  In the past week, the venture’s website has logged over 15,000 visitors. The concept is simple – send them your favourite stuffed animal and they will escort it around the sights of Prague,...

E-brochures now available!

Travel brochures are packed with useful information and pictures, and can be a great help when planning a trip.  In their traditional paper version, they are also bulky, certainly not eco-friendly, and they quickly become out of date and obsolete.  Many of my trusted travel suppliers actually produce...
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Prefer booking on-line? I can still help!

Although I love to work with my customers in researching and booking their last minute getaways, I can also if you prefer to do it yourself on-line!  Check out my secure booking engine for all inclusive vacations.  When you book, I will receive an immediate confirmation, and will still help with...
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20 Ridiculous Tourist Complaints

Published in the London Telegraph 1. A tourist at a top African game lodge overlooking a waterhole, who spotted a visibly aroused elephant, complained that the sight of this rampant beast ruined his honeymoon by making him feel “inadequate”.