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7 Cruise Misconceptions

Cruising is really a great way to vacation, and more and more people are catching ‘cruising fever’, as it continues to be the fastest growing segment of the travel industy. From the questions I’ve been asked, it’s seems that there are still many misconceptions about cruising,  held...
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Fun Geography – Countries of the World by YAKKO

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Done it All? How About a Trip to SPACE!?

Looking for the ultimate adventure, and have some money to burn?  GAP Adventures is now offering a trip to The ‘Final Frontier’!  On the ‘Russian Space Adventure’, you can journey to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere in a MiG31 Jet Fighter!  At 60,000 feet you will have a...
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The Big Bird Swoops into Toronto

It wasn’t long ago that Emirates introduced their new Airbus A380s, complete with showers, individual suites, and a stand up bar.  If you have been hoping for a chance to test drive it, they have announced that service out of Toronto will begin June 1!  Here is the Toronto Star article with...
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12 Must Do Travel Experiences

NOW is the time to travel! It’s never been easier to travel, so why not make 2008 the year you start visiting those places on your must see list. Here is just a sampling of the travel experiences that I can arrange for you, to help make your travel dreams a reality: