One of the Most Travelled Guys I Know

He is an inspiration to some, a revulsion to others, but a fascination to many.

At his class reunion he won awards for most weight gained, most hair lost, most improved odour, and person who travelled the least to be there… but since September 2003 he has travelled 46954 kilometres.   

His brilliant daughter humilates him, he frequently tries to strangle his son, and is only occasionally aware of his baby daughter, and yet he loves his children to distraction, and they love him back.

He considers his greatest achievement discovering a meal between breakfast and brunch.   

He is a failure but never loses our sympathy.  He always gives in to tempation, but without fail he comes back to home and hearth in a reaffirmation of family values.  

There is a little bit of him inside many of us, but the difference is that he says it out loud.

He was meant to play second fiddle to his mouthy son, but instead became a hero, and one of the best known characters of our time.

He graduated at the bottom of his class, yet is now a world renowned philosopher - Homercles!  Homer Simpson is on a mission to travel the world in search of knowledge.  I released him on September 22, 2003 along with 46 other Travel Bugs that were set free to travel the world at a major Geocaching event.  Since then he has been all over Europe and the United States (including Alaska), and has only recently arrived back in Ontario.  All this, and he cannot walk or talk, and completely relies on the kindness of a worldwide fraternity of strangers to move him along and feed him with knowledge. 

What a ride it has been!  Maybe one day he will make it back to Burlington, just like Smiley SpringMe did.  Of course, Homercles has different goals, and I hope that he continues to see the world in search of knowledge!  Eventually something might sink in.

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