Travelling in 2009 – 5 things you need to know

  1. You may never see prices like this again – Wondering if you can afford to take a trip this year?  Think again!  Prices are extremely low, particularly for all-inclusive and cruise vacations, but hotels, tour companies and airlines are getting into the act. 
  2. Book your cruises in advance – You get better choice of cabin, the deposit is fully refundable up to the final payment date, we can adjust the price if it comes down (and of course you are locked in if it goes up), PLUS you have longer to anticipate your trip!  I am an Accredited Cruise Counsellor and can help you plan your ideal cruise vacation.  
  3. Take precautions, but don’t be paralyzed by fear – while violence against tourism attracts our attention and galvanizes our fears, the actual incidence percentages are miniscule, and generally sacrificing our travel plans is just not worth doing.  Do not throw caution to the wind, however – a great place to check for Travel Warnings is on Canada’s Foreign Affairs website.
  4. You can manage the costs of flying – Additional airline fees can seem excessive, and really add to the cost of your trip.  Plan ahead to minimize these costs by packing carefully, and bringing snacks and other items, such as headsets.  Also, consider driving!  Fuel costs are extremely low right now 
  5. It’s time to try something new – The world is your oyster!  If you usually do an all-inclusive, how about a cruise?   If you usually go to Jamaica or Mexico,  how about Honduras or Belize?  If you usually go high end, how about an adventure tour with GAP or a similar company?   You could try volunteerism, with an organization such as Careforce.   

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