Breathtaking Christmas Lights from Around the World

If there is one universal at this time of year, it’s Christmas lights. During the last month of the year, there is never an energy crisis, only an opportunity to dazzle in the most ostentatious manner possible. 

There is a house around the corner from us in Burlington that is quite famous for it’s Christmas light display.  Yes, we visit and stand in awe every December. 

But now, we will look much further… assembled below you will find videos of some of the most remarkable Christmas displays from around the world.  Accuse them of being wasteful, call them garish, but you have to hand it to them in one respect… they know how to put on a show, and we all love to be entertained!  Festive is truly in the eye of the beholder, as you will see if you CLICK on the following merry links:

Disney World – Florida, U.S.A.
Boasting more than five million lights, 32 miles of extension cables, 66 snow machines, 100 gallons of snow fluid per night and 43 hidden Mickeys, this is about as over-the-top as a light show can get. The Osborne Dancing Christmas Lights has become a tradition at the Orlando property and every 15 minutes during the holiday season the switches all flip on, music blares and the choreographed spectacle begins. Even though it’s Florida, toques come in handy when dealing with flurries of man-made snow. Until Jan. 4.

Kym Illman’s House – Perth Australia
After five years of watching his wife decorate their house, this Perth native felt he could come up with something a bit more memorable. It took 26,000 lights, 5 kms of cable, 128 programmable channels, $12,000 and 220 man hours but Illman did it.  UPDATE – here is the 2009 VERSION, with 50,000 LEDs, 6KM cables, and 176 channels all set to music!

Tepito Market – Mexico City, Mexico
Mexicans love their festivals and none is more lavish than Christmas. All over the country, market stalls are garishly lit up and festooned with every imaginable tinsel decoration. Nowhere is the frivolity more evident than Tepito, a market that originated with the Aztecs and which nowadays brims with fake Chanel bags and Armani jeans. It’s also infamous as a crime hub, so best to enjoy the light show from the comfort of your armchair.

Roppongi – Tokyo, Japan
Dubbed The Milky Way,  Japan’s signature light show is truly out of this world. Zen-like music provides background to the delightful twinkling and sprays of comets that take place in this normally noisy, bustling shopping district. Although Christmas isn’t observed here, the Japanese love their annual dose of western-style culture.

Palacio de Comunicaciones- Madrid, Spain
Every December 24th, this famous building (also known as the wedding cake (for its ornate detailing) in Spain’s capital hosts a light and smoke extravaganza worthy of an Olympics opener.

Harbour City Mall – Kowloon, Hong Kong
When a shopping centre measures almost a kilometer long and has 700 shops, it’s known as a mega mall. And nowhere are these behemoths bigger than in Asia. And so it is that Christmas develops a mega personality with lights galore while it becomes just another word for shopping heaven.

Micronesia Mall – Dededo, Guam
An artificial Christmas tree has become the Plymouth Rock for Micronesian shopping pilgrims. Situated in the middle of a 214,000-square-meter shopping arena, the tree pulses to 40,000 lights and strobes hooked up to sonic-boom level music. There are even aroma machines that fill the air with the smell of pine.

Grand Place – Brussels, Belgium
If you love European Christmases (and who doesn’t?) this son et lumiere will make you nostalgic for winter on the other side of the Atlantic. Every December evening when darkness falls, the classic Gothic spires of Brussels Town Hall become an ethereal vision that transforms to operatic arias. In the middle of it all is the renowned Christmas market.

Tivoli Gardens – Copenhagen, Denmark
For one of Europe’ss oldest amusement parks, Tiffany’s head designer, John Loring, planned the placement of 1,800 light chains used to decorate willow trees around the lake. Another 5000 metres wrap Christmas trees and a further 1000 metres deck the buildings. The 20-acre Christmas village features 70 stalls selling local crafts but best of all, glogg is on tap, which tends to assist with the holiday spirit.

The Lagerstrom House – Surrey, B.C.
Not to be outdone, Canadians are as obsessive as the rest of the world when it comes to illuminating things at this time of year. On the west coast, the Lagerstrom home has been a Christmas attraction since 2002. The computerized Christmas light display that is synchronized to music involves more than 50,000 lights and countless hours of set-up time. Every year, an estimated 30,000 people view this decorated house at 15466 91A Avenue in Fleetwood, Surrey. The show continues until January 1st, 2009.

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