“Be The One” to make a lifelong impact as a Traveller

Article submitted by Kellie Allen, Director of International Teams for Careforce International, a ‘force of people’ devoted to bringing help, healing and hope to children in need around the world.

Ever come back from a trip feeling like there was just MORE that you should have experienced, learned and done?  

Most tourists see a only a select part of countries in the Caribbean or other vacation destinations.  Few really get to know the people or move beyond the resorts and immerse themselves in the culture.  That’s what defines a true traveller.  Tourists dabble in real excitement by swimming in a lavish pool, while nearby the travellers join the locals in diving for sand dollars in the clear blue sea.  Don’t get me wrong, both are fun.   Tourists can certainly help a community by supporting the tourism industry, but travellers also give of their resources and their time, and to the people who need it most, often having a huge impact on their lives.

At Careforce International, we believe you can be a traveller and a tourist, all while maximizing your time away for others and for yourself through a team experience.  Going on a team experience for 1-2 weeks changes your view of the world.  It also changes the lives of the people you serve for the better through hands on participation in construction projects, medical outreach or resourcing projects that are assisting children in need.  

We are passionate about changing lives – the lives of children living in poverty without hope and opportunities for the future, and the lives of people who are willing to BE THE ONE to meet the needs of those children.  Our goal is to engage you, to bring you to action, to help you see that you can BE THE ONE to bring help, healing and hope to children in need around the world.

For more information about how you can be part of a team and the meaningful work we are engaged in, check out our WEBSITE .  All are welcome!

ED NOTE: Also, join Careforce and friends at their Christmas Concert and Fundraiser  on Dec 4th!  Great music, appetizers and punch, and a fabulous silent auction.  Feel free to contact me for tickets as I will be purchasing a group block.

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