Tips for staying healthy on your next flight!

Ever get off a flight and start to feel ill almost immediately?

Many fliers compain of headache, fatigue, fever or breathing problems. Some of these symptoms may be due to the low barometric pressure, oxygen content and humidity in the air cabin. When combined with jet lag, sleep deprivation, travel stress, (security concerns, long lines, missed flights, delayed and cancelled flights), as well as cramped seating, motion sickness and discomfort from vibration and engine noise, we have ample reason to feel ill. And let’s not forget that engine fumes can, on occasion, seep into the cabin.

Of course there’s also the germs… in all their filthy, immune system-attacking microbial nastiness. I may not be able to see them, but they exist alright, in all those hands touching the tray tables, grabbing my seat as they go past, spewing from mouths and nostrils in uncovered coughs and sneezes.

Ready to give up flying? Here’s why you don’t need to:

You certainly can get sick on a plane, but you’ll probably never know whether you caught that cold or flu at 35,000 feet, in the airport before you took off, or somewhere else on your travels. There are, however, some easy things you can do to make sure you stay healthy on your next flight.

Wash Your Hands Frequently: With soap and hot water, just like Mom told you. Waterless hand sanitizer is another effective option.

Stay Active: Stand up, walk the aisles, do some stretches.  It is especially important to move around a bit on really long flights as you can develop leg clots (deep vein thrombosis).

Blow The Germs Away: Some experts believe the air vents above your head can blow germs away from you. Others don’t. Your choice.

Get Some Rest: Keeping your immune system strong through rest could be your greatest defense.  I have a friend who travels frequently and complains he always gets sick on the plane ride home. I point out that he was likely dancing on the lobby piano at 3 am before a 6 am flight. He still thinks it’s the plane.

Wipe Up Your Worries: Alcohol-based sanitary wipes can be used to clean armrests and tray tables. If nothing else, you’ll feel better.

Ne Touche Pas: Keep your fingers away from your face, unless you’ve just washed your hands. That means mouth, nose and eyes are common places where infections can enter your body.

Stay Hydrated: Dry mucous membranes can raise the risk of infection, and dehydration can also bring on a host of other maladies, not to mention accentuating the effects jet lag.  Drink lots of water and avoid too much caffeine or alcohol, which can further dehydrate your body.

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