Travelling with Kids – What to Bring

In honor of Family Day, I thought that I would put together a list of things to bring when travelling with kids.  When planning your trip, starting a detailed list well in advance is a great idea.  You can use this to help – it is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a good start!

Things to bring when travelling with kids:

  • Food for the plane to save money and ensure that you have it when needed; stick with healthy snacks that are low on sugar
  • Passports: kids need them too
  • A change of clothes and bathing suits in the carry on – in case of the inevitable spills,  and so that you can hit the pool even if your room is not ready yet when you arrive
  • Gravol, children’s Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, bandaids, and of course any prescription medicine
  • Hand held games and portable dvd player (well charged!)
  • Something to suck on for takeoff and landing to relieve ear pain; could be the bottle for a baby, or candy or an apple for an older child
  • Some surprises for the flight, such as activity books, dollar store toys, crayons, or other trinkets
  • Baby wipes, hand sanitizer, cloths
  • As soon as a child can say ‘backpack’, get them a small one and pack it with a blanket or soft toy, and some books
  • Photos of your children, which could be invaluable if you are searching for a wayward charge in a busy place
  • Large resealable plastic bags for containing messes and small toys
  • Don’t forget that favourite stuffie, a must to prevent meltdown or help allay fears in unfamiliar situations

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to comment on the post!

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