Travelling with Kids – Crossing Borders

By road or by air, getting yourself across borders has become more complicated in recent years – and if you are crossing with little ones, things get even more interesting.

Here are a few tips:

  • Everyone (including babies) must have his or her own passport
  • All Canadians entering the United States by air require a passport; this requirement will extend to land and sea on June 1 2009.
  • If one parent us not along on the trip, they should provide a consent letter that includes their contact info and shows they have granted permission to their child to cross the border with the other parent; a divorced or separated parent should also carry a copy of the divorce, separation, or custody decree.
  • Make two copies of everyone’s passport.  Leave one copy with a friend or relative and carry the other one with you, but in a different place than your actual passport. If the originals are lost or stolen, getting them replaces will be much easier.
  • At the airport, children must walk through security as soon as their able.  One spouse should go first, and then call the child through, and then the other spouse can follow.

More info on travelling with children can be found on two government websites:, and

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