You’re invited… to the “World’s LARGEST Cruise Night!”

Travelonly is joining with member travel agencies from the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) across the US and Canada on October 14th to host the World’s Largest Cruise Night, an opportunity for travelers like you to come and learn more about one of the most popular vacations: cruising!

It is also an opportunity to take advantage of various cruise line promotions such as reduced deposits, ship board credits, and other bonuses, many of which are are exclusive to participants in the WLCN or even to Travelonly.  We have even booked group space on three Princess cruises for the occasion, and we are booking with reduced deposits this week!

Cruising is all about you. You can find adventure, culture and education or, relax the day away. Dine on fine cuisine. Indulge at the spa. Reconnect with family. Share romantic moments. All this, in the destination of your choice, for a few days, a week or more, on a cruise that’s right for you.

If you were thinking of booking a cruise, contact me for info on the WLCN specials, and let me help you plan and book your trip!  If you would like to learn more about cruising, check out my personal VIRTUAL World’s Largest Cruise Night web site.

Either way…….. Get ready to cruise!


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