Hola from Punta Cana! Some things I learned this week…

It`s been a great week so far at the beautiful RIU Palace Macao in Punta Cana!  Lisa, Keo, and I are enjoying the fabulous beaches and pools, the great food and service, and having lots of fun in the sun.  We can`t wait to come back soon!  I have also toured 15 resorts this week and have learned many things that will help my customers.

Just some of the things I have learned this week:

  • The beaches in Punta Cana are at least as beautiful as the pictures, and maybe more!
  • Hurricane season in the Caribbean can be a great time to visit.  Pricing is amazing, and there is still a lot of sun.  Yes, it is a risk, but the pricing may just make it a worthwhile one.
  • If you are bored of the buffet after a week, you probably aren`t doing it right… you don`t have to eat EVERYTHING at each meal!

  • I have seen some great resorts this week, something for everyone.  I also have my PICK for this winter – a great resort, and not that well known in Canada, so the pricing is excellent. More on that in an upcoming post!
  • Great service is mostly made up of little things.  We have seen some prime examples this week, including: 
    • A follow up call to the room minutes after checking in
    • No requests for or obvious expectations of tips
    • We forgot Keo`s bowl at the breakfast buffet and it was waiting for us at lunch
    • I toured the Bahia Principe and when I got back and checked e-mail, there was a thank-you from my hosts
    • At our first evening at the buffet we were welcomed by the assistant manager with a balloon for Keo, given a table and introduced to our serving staff
    • Staff all over the resort have paid special attention to Keo, our son, and we never received a hassle about the huge messes he created a meal times
    • When I dropped a kettle and cup for tea on the way to the room, I was immediately assisted, and when I said I was sorry I was told `no problem, all inclusive`, and had it replaced right away.
    • Our new friend Dawna reported that a front desk staffer spent 2 hrs on the phone and drove 20 miles to get her forgotten but crucial medication through customs and to her.
    • So much more…  feel free to share any of your experiences with outstanding service in the comments!

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