10 Tips for clearing airport security with ease

Going through security at the airport can be a dignity stripping experience. Here are some pointers to make it faster, and easier:

  1. Pack your laptop so you can easily remove it and send it through the X-ray machine. Don’t forget to label it, they are one of the most frequently forgotten items at screening checkpoints.
  2. Store all undeveloped film and cameras containing film in a carry on bag. Ask for a hand inspection if you want to ensure that your film is not damaged by the X-ray machine.
  3. Avoid over packing to prevent personal items from spilling out if your bag is opened for inspection.
  4. If you are bringing a gift to friends/family, wrap it after you arrive at your destination.
  5. Pocket knives, scissors and other sharp objects won’t fly. Leave prohibited items at home or pack them in your checked luggage.
  6. Put your hunger on hold. Purchase drinks and food for the plane later, after clearing security. You will have enough to hold and shuffle without worrying about spilling your coffee.
  7. Have your ID ready for security personnel, including boarding pass and a government issued photo identification card (i.e. passport)
  8. Place metal items in your carry-on bag. This includes loose change, keys, watches, mobile phones, pagers and PDAs.
  9. Take off your coat (outer coat and sports coat) as you approach the security screening area. You will need to place them in a plastic tray for safe passage through the X-ray equipment. Suit jackets and blazers do not have to be removed, unless requested by the screener.
  10. Be prepared to go barefoot. If you wear a belt with a large metal buckle, suspenders with metal clasps, metal jewellery, or even a bra with wire supports, be aware that they could trigger the alarm and prompt a check by hand

Following these simple steps will make your trip through security much faster and less stressful!!

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