8 TIPS for Avoiding the Suitcase Blues

According to the 2013 SITA Report, 26 Million checked bags went missing last year!  The good news is that over 99% are returned to their owners within 5 days.

Here are some tips for minimizing the risk of lost baggage:

1. INVEST IN BAGGAGE INSURANCE, such as RBC’s Non-Medical and Deluxe Policies.

2. SNAP A PICTURE of your suitcase’s contents in case you need to prove the value to insurers.

3. PLAN FOR THE WORST by packing everything you need for 24 hours, plus valuables, medications and documents in your carry on bags. When you are traveling, you are more likely to be outside, getting fresh air and enjoying the outdoors.

4. WEAR COMFY LAYERS on the plane that you can mix and match later if necessary.

5. ARRIVE AT THE AIRPORT EARLY to ensure that your luggage makes the flight with you.

6. PICK BRIGHTLY COLOURED SUITCASES to stand out in a sea of black bags.  Attach ID with contact info inside and out.

7. GET A BAGGAGE CLAIM STICKER for all bags checked.

8. FLY DIRECT whenever possible

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