12 Safety Tips for Women Travellers

  1. Don’t stand out – Looking timid, disheveled, lost, etc. is a magnet for thugs.
  2. Insist on safe accommodation – no ground floor rooms, ability to lock from inside, and bringing a rubber door stop is not a bad idea either
  3. Carry a local shopping bag – thieves are less likely top target a local
  4. Watch what you wear – form fitting clothes can attract extra (good and bad) attention
  5. Choose early morning exploring – touring in day light is always safer
  6. Leave expensive jewelry at home – they will always be a hindrance to your safety.
  7. Watch for pickpockets – they can be everywhere, but especially in busy areas
  8. Drink responsibly – i.e. in moderation and in an pub or established hotel
  9. Make lots of noise – don’t be afraid to shout if your personal space is invaded.
  10. Don’t divulge personal information – it can be used against you.
  11. Keep emergency money well hidden – you never know when you will need it.
  12. Check global travel alerts – the best site for Canadians is www.travel.gc.ca


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