10 Tips for Travel to Europe

1. Pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on to fill up once you pass through security. Fill it up under a drinking fountain before you board your flight. This will not only save you money (airport bottled water can run over $5 a bottle), but it will also give you the convenience of water at your fingertips during your long flight.

2. Coordinate your clothes around one or two basic colors. This cuts down on the number of clothes, shoes and accessories. It also leaves space for purchases made throughout your trip.  And don’t   forget to check the weather forecast of your destination before you pack!

3. Most flights to Europe are overnight flights. Eat light the evening you are flying and once onboard. Arriving with a full stomach can add to the sluggish feeling associated with changing time zones. Also, try to get as much sleep as you can in-flight as you often will be arriving early morning with a full day ahead of you.

4. Carry essentials in your carry on bag in the event that your luggage gets delayed or lost. Essential items are any items that you cannot replace, or you require within your first 24 hours of arrival. The more connecting flights you have, the greater the probability of your bag being delayed or going missing.

5. When traveling alone, and looking to make new friends, bring or wear items that identify your interests or where you are from. It’s a great way to identify new friends from the same background or similar interests.

6. If you are traveling with young children, insert a slip of paper into their pockets with relevant information (your cell number, hotel name). Adjust the information for every country you visit. Also, always keep recents photo of your children in your wallet – in case you lose them in a crowed area, and need help locating them.

7. It’s not very fun arriving at your destination tired and jet-lagged. Book a massage in advance at your hotel upon your arrival. A massage has an incredible effect of making you feel restored, and energized! The cost of the treatment may be worth a day of not feeling sluggish.

8. When travelling overseas with a multi-destination itinerary, you know you are going to breeze through at least a couple of books. Surrender the weight, but not the entertainment. A Kindle or iPad weigh less than most hard cover books, take up very little space, and store hundreds of ebooks and much more.

9. Plan out the museums and galleries you plan to explore on your holiday. Download a Gallery Guide (many are free!) to your smart phone before you depart for your trip. They will already be stored in your phone, and will require no roaming or wifi to retrieve.

10. Buy travel insurance. You never know when an unexpected situation will arise before or during your trip. The most common types of purchased insurance are emergency medical, cancellation and interruption, and baggage, and  there are packages that cover all of these.

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