RBC Insurance Claims – True Stories!

Have you wondered if anyone ever actually USES their Travel Insurance? When we buy something we want to feel like we got some value for it, and yet with insurance we never really want to use it. As a result, too often we skip the Travel Insurance.

Believe me, RBC and other Travel Insurance providers are paying out on claims all the time. When you need it, you will either be very relieved that you have it, or devasted (and possibly even bankrupt) if you don’t. But, don’t take my word for it – here are some real examples of RBC claims including the amounts that were paid out:

Medical/Non-Medical Claims Stories

1. Vacation Medical Claim (Deluxe Annual Package):

Don’t gamble with your health care while on vacation. Here’s a real story that shows how travel medical insurance from RBC Insurance® provided assistance during a Hawaiian dream vacation.

While on a 15-day vacation in Hawaii, a client suddenly began to feel ill on the tenth day. She was brought to the hospital by ambulance and admitted for two days. After various tests and treatment, the client was given the okay to fly, and returned to Canada as originally scheduled. The client later told us that she was worried about costs and was happy Assured Assistance Inc. pre-approved her diagnostic testing for her emergency medical treatment. She thanked us for our support and for reviewing the medical documents prior to authorizing the necessary tests.

Total cost of claim and amount refunded to the insured: US$29,570.

2. Vacation Non-Medical (Non-Medical Package)

Accidents happen. But, travel medical insurance from RBC Insurance can leave you free to focus on what’s really important: your recovery.

On the final day of a week-long trip in Aruba, a client was in the surf, at the beach, when she was struck by another swimmer and fractured her leg. Her friend quickly called Assured Assistance Inc. to advise them of the accident and inquire about making a claim. Fortunately, the client and her friend were able to return home safely, and right on schedule. Shortly after the claim was paid, we received a letter thanking us for our “outstanding service.”

Total cost of claim and amount refunded to the insured: $1,300 (new flight and living expenses).

Trip Cancellation Delay Claims Stories:

1. Trip Cancellation (Non-Medical Package)

Need to cancel because of a covered risk? With RBC Insurance, the cancellation process is easy — and allows you to focus on more important things, such as planning your next trip.

The day before leaving on a long-awaited trip to Italy with his wife, a client suffered a medical emergency, and was unable to travel. He and his wife were unsure about how to make a claim. But a week after calling RBC Insurance, they received their claim documents and were contacted by a claims examiner. According to the clients, the RBC Insurance examiner was personal and efficient. Though they couldn’t go on their Italian getaway, RBC Insurance made the cancellation process painless. The clients said they are rebooking their trip and insuring it with RBC Insurance.

Total cost of claim and amount refunded to the insured: $7,221.

2. Trip Cancellation (Deluxe Package)

When health issues interfere with your vacation plans, RBC Insurance can help. With Trip Cancellation insurance, you will be free to focus on more important things: like taking care of your friends.

Four clients — all close friends — were looking forward to a trip to Santa Cruz, California. It was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to spend 15 days together. Shortly before they were scheduled to leave, however, one of them received devastating news about a health issue. After this client’s travelling companions heard the news, they were distraught. But they also realized they couldn’t abandon their friend, so they decided it would be best to cancel their trip. Fortunately, they had purchased Trip Cancellation insurance.

Total cost of claim and amount refunded to the insured: $10,376.

Trip Interruption/Baggage Claims Stories:

1. Trip Interruption (Deluxe Package)

When injury happens on vacation, Assured Assistance Inc. can help you take care of the necessary details, so you can focus on what’s really important: your speedy recovery.

A client was vacationing in Austria for 13 days when, on the sixth day, she sustained an injury that caused her to change her travel plans. After she contacted Assured Assistance Inc., we obtained the medical reports necessary to access her claim. We then completed the medical clearance forms for the airline, so that we could book and prepay for the client’s early return.This particular client is a hospital administrator and was so impressed with the level of service we provided that she told us she would use us as an example in her hospital.

Total cost of claim: $4,825.

2. Trip Interruption/Baggage Delay Claim (Deluxe Package)

When baggage delays and missed flights interfere with your romantic vacation plans, RBC Insurance can help you get back on track to where you planned to be: tropical paradise.

On their honeymoon vacation to the Canary Islands, a couple missed two connecting flights because of severe thunderstorms. Their trip was delayed by two days, and additional expenses for meals and accommodation were incurred. To make matters worse, both of their bags were also delayed. When they called RBC Insurance to start a claim, the representative who answered their call explained all of the benefits of the Deluxe package and the documents they needed to obtain prior to returning home. After he had explained everything so clearly, they were finally able to enjoy their honeymoon.

Total cost of claim and amount refunded to the insured: $1,185.

3. Business Trip Interruption (Deluxe Package)

When you get ill on a business trip, Assured Assistance Inc. can help you. With your insurance needs taken care of, you can focus on the business at hand: your recovery.

While travelling on a business trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, a client became very ill. Assured Assistance Inc. quickly helped him to get medical attention but, unfortunately, he did not get any better. The client decided to return to Canada, and provided Assured Assistance Inc. with the documentation they required in order to take care of his return flight home. Fortunately, he had purchased the Deluxe package, so they were able to prepay for his return flight and cover his out-of-pocket expenses for hotels, meals, taxis and medical items.

Total cost of claim and amount refunded to the insured: $4,720.

4. Medical and Trip Delay Claims Story: Trip Delay (Deluxe Package)

Vacation and illness shouldn’t go together. Here is an example of how RBC Insurance helped to make the recovery process smoother. With Assured Assistance Inc., you receive the care you need.

While vacationing in Orlando, Florida, a client became ill. Her husband contacted Assured Assistance Inc. and they immediately sent a doctor, who suggested she go directly to the hospital. After six days in the hospital, which included significant testing and surgery, she was released and able to return home. Throughout this process, one of our registered nurses acted as a liaison. Later, her husband called to thank us for all the “excellent care and customer service” they had received.

Total cost of claim: Hospital expenses $32,528; Delay expenses $900.

Air Ambulance Claims Stories:

1. Air Ambulance Medical (Travelcare Health Select Medical Policy)

Your health shouldn’t be gambled with. With Assured Assistance Inc., you can reduce the stress of a medical emergency.

While at a casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, an elderly client accidently tripped and fell, fracturing his hip. He was treated by the hotel doctor, but his pain got worse, so he was taken to the hospital. Surgery was not necessary, but because of the client’s age, he was admitted for four days for observation and pain management. It was also recommended that he return home by air ambulance. When the client arrived safely, he called Assured Assistance Inc. to thank us for our high level of service.

Total cost of claim and amount refunded to the insured: US$36,781, including US$28,836 for the air ambulance

2. Air Ambulance with Escort (Travelcare Medical – Gold Policy)

Accidents happen. But, with Assured Assistance Inc., your journey back to health can be a smoother ride.

While travelling with a friend in Peru for a motorcycle event, a client had a terrible accident in a remote location. He was airlifted to the nearest hospital, but unfortunately, his condition continued to worsen. When the client was able to call Assured Assistance Inc., they reacted quickly and moved him by air ambulance to another facility in Peru. A medical team then assessed his condition and recommended he be transferred back to Canada. For his journey home, Assured Assistance Inc. arranged for the client’s wife to accompany him.

Total cost of claim and amount refunded to the insured: $118,702, including air ambulance costs of $107,303.

3. Air Ambulance Medical (Travelcare Gold Package)

With travel medical insurance, you can rest easy when unexpected illness occurs … freeing you up to focus on a quick recovery.

During a holiday in Arizona, a client became ill. She called Assured Assistance Inc. and they sent a doctor to her hotel room. She was treated, but took a turn for the worse through the night and was taken to the hospital.ign=”left”>After being admitted for five days, the doctors arranged for an air ambulance and further treatment in an Ontario hospital. After she recovered, the client called to say that we were “the best, we came through for her while she was in a state of shock.

Total cost of claim: Hospital expenses US$16,120; Air Ambulance expenses US$19,000.

4. Air Ambulance Medical (Classic Medical)

With travel, there is always risk. With Assured Assistance Inc., things will be easier, no matter what challenges arise. After all, you have more important things to worry about — such as your recovery.

Two weeks after arriving in Arizona, a client suddenly became unresponsive. Her husband called an ambulance and Assured Assistance Inc. At the hospital, she was initially admitted for evaluation, but three days later, she had to be moved to intensive care. Six days later, she was fit to travel home to Canada. After obtaining a re-admission bed in Canada, Assured Assistance Inc. arranged for an air ambulance to get her home. Her husband later called Assured Assistance Inc. to thank us for all of our help during this stressful period.

Hospital expenses US$67,027; Air Ambulance expenses US$27, 262

Hospitalization Claims Stories

1. Medical Escort (Travelcare Gold Medical Policy)

Emergencies happen. But when you’re covered by Assured Assistance Inc., a medical escort can aid you in a time of need, so you can relax and focus on getting well.

Travelling with her daughter in Poland, a client experienced a medical emergency and was admitted to the hospital for 31 days. Her husband, at home in Canada, made the initial contact with Assured Assistance Inc. During the admission, Assured Assistance Inc. kept the husband up-to-date and also kept him connected with his daughter through phone calls. Once it was safe for the client to return home, Assured Assistance Inc. arranged to have a medical escort aboard the plane. During a follow-up phone call, the client said she could not thank us enough for all our care.

Total cost of claim and amount refunded to the insured: $22,091.

2. Hospital Stay Medical (Classic Medical Policy)

Vacations shouldn’t involve hospital visits. But, when life happens, Assured Assistance Inc. can help you take care of the details, while you focus on achieving wellness.

While travelling in Geneva, Illinois, a client became ill and required a seven-day admission to the hospital. Assured Assistance Inc. was contacted and immediately managed the case. At the end of the admission, the client required daily medical visits. He could only return to Canada after all treatment in Illinois was complete. Upon his return, he called to say, “I am so happy with everything you have done. It has been first-class service since the day of admission to the return home.”

Total cost of claim: Hospital expenses US$21,117.

3. Hospitalization 46 days (Medical Claim)

Hospitalization shouldn’t be part of your travel plans, but life happens. RBC Insurance makes it easier to receive quality care, so you can regain energy and focus on planning your next trip.

While on a 33-day trip to Ghana, a client became ill on the 29th day and was admitted to hospital. Because of her condition, it was decided that she should be transferred to a hospital in Malaga, Spain, by air ambulance. During this transfer, her husband’s flight and hotel stay were covered by Assured Assistance Inc. In Spain, she was admitted to hospital for a total of 46 days until she was well enough to return to Canada via air ambulance. When we called to confirm her safe arrival, her mother thanked us for our support during the ordeal.

Total cost of claim: $398,370.

4. Death in the Family Claims Story:

When tragedy strikes, the last thing you need is added stress. With Assured Assistance Inc., you know that you and your family are in good hands, should anything happen.

On the second day of their vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, our clients received devastating news from home. One of their mothers was admitted to the hospital and the prognosis was not good. The clients immediately called Assured Assistance Inc. about returning to Canada. Of the options available, they decided to make their own arrangements and then submit a claim once home. Upon their return, their claim was processed and paid within a few business days. They later complimented us for our service, saying that “everyone was helpful and easy to deal with

Total cost of claim and amount refunded to the insured: $7,233.

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