6 Tips for Preparing for your Trip

Many Canadians find ways to escape our winter blues and top-up our tans by travelling to warmer climates. Whether you own a vacation home in Florida, plan a cruise or a resort getaway there are several things to consider before and while you are gone.

Things to do before you leave…..
1. Prepare your house for your vacation – unplug your electronic equipment and small appliances to protect from possible power surges or install surge protector power bars. Ensure your pipes are properly insulated and either shut off your main water supply and drain your pipes or have a friend/family member check your home daily if you will be gone for more than four consecutive days. *For your full protection call your insurance broker to check the specific stipulations / requirements on your home policy.

2. Deter burglars – Leave your curtains exactly as you usually would keep them when you’re home. Keep valuables out of plain view. Install a light switch timer that can turn your lights on and off automatically according to a programmed schedule. Remove your spare key from its usual hiding spot and leave it with a trusted family member or neighbour to check your home daily if you are gone for
more than four consecutive days.

3. Call your credit card company – to protect yourself from identity theft, inform your credit card company you will be travelling abroad. Check with your insurance broker to be sure you have an
endorsement on your home policy that protects you from this type of fraud.

4. Emergency phone numbers – be sure to leave a list of destination contact numbers and flight information with your family and neighbours so they can reach you at any time. Remember to prepare a list of contact numbers to take along for handy reference while you are away, including the airline #, hotel #, travel insurance # etc.

5. Check the weather – before you zip up the suitcase get the weather report for your destination and pack accordingly; forewarned is forearmed and you will be glad you were prepared. Your local weather forecast may also be helpful so you know what conditions your home may be exposed to while you are away, which may precipitate some planning on your part as well.

6. Make reservations – to avoid disappointment call/book online your ‘must do’ entertainment i.e. spa visits, tee times, dinners reservation and car rentals. Be sure to check with your insurance broker to see that you have coverage for rental vehicles in North America under your existing auto policy so you don’t pay for this twice!

BONUS TIP: Did you know that burglars regular browse Facebook and other social networking sites looking for potential targets? Using clues from status updates, they can determine with high probability when people will be away from home. Think twice before publicly broadcasting your whereabouts!

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