Fun Airline Trivia

How many can you get out of 10? Answers below! *

1. Approximately how many passengers and flight attendants are injured each year by items falling from airplane overhead storage compartments?

2. Which plane built by Howard Hughes only flew once but was the largest plane in existence at the time?

3. Where does the abbreviation ORD for Chicago’s O’Hare airport come from?

4. What is the worlds’ oldest airline, established in 1919?

5. What is the technical term for an air sickness bag?

6. The Wright brothers made the first powered flight in 1903. What was their airplane called?

7. What was the airline in the movie “Airplane!”? .

8. How much money did American Airlines save in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first class?

9. What were discovered in an overhead storage compartment at the end of an Ethiopian Airlines flight landing at Dulles International Airport in January 2008?

10. What airline sponsored a design contest for air sickness bags, known as “Design for Chunks”?

1. approxmately 8000
2. the Spruce Goose
3. the old name – “Orchard Field”
4. KLM
5. an Emesis Bag
6. the Flyer
7. Trans American
8. $40,000
9. 2 Ethiopian Stowaways
10. Virgin

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