8 Essential Tips for Safe and Healthy Travel

Here is a checklist of important travel tips to go over before each and every trip:

1. Respect local laws and customs – Something that may be normal here can get you put in jail in some countries. Plus, when you respect local customs, you respect the local people.

2. Carry only as much money as you need each day – Place extra funds, tickets and documents in the hotel safe, and keep money and important papers in separate places.

3. Eat and drink judiciously – Find out if the local tap water is safe to drink, and if not drink bottled water and avoid ice. Eat food that has been freshly cooked to avoid contaminated food.  Also, check out these 10 Tips for Eating Adventurously.

4. Keep in contact with home – If family and friends know you are safe and secure, they are less likely to panic if there is an emergency in the country you are visiting.

5. Know the rules of the road – On the spot fines are common in a number of foreign countries (no exceptions for foreigners.  You can get an International Driving Permit from CAA for only $15.00.

6. Always protect from mosquitoes – If there is malaria in the country you are visiting, take anti-malarial medication and be extra vigilant against mosquito bites. 

7. Take necessary security precautions – Carry a minimum amount of cash each day and do not bring valuables when sightseeing.  Avoid unlit streets at night, and try not to look ‘too’ much like a tourist.

8. Never associate with illegal drugs – Never carry any items through customs for other people or leave their luggage unattended.  Several foreign countries have the death penalty for involvement with illegal drugs.


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