Passport Needed for Mexico as of March 1 2010

A reminder from Mexico for all Canadians planning to travel to Mexico – March 1, brings new entry requirements into Mexico.  Most notably  CANADIAN CITIZENS will be required to present a valid passport.

This change will align Mexico to all the security measures established by the ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization.  There is a good chance that this won’t even affect you – of the 1.2 million Canadian tourists that visited Mexico in 2009 only 10,000 did not have a passport as form of ID.  Many didn’t even know it wasn’t required!

Your Canadian passport is the best document for proving your Canadian citizenship and your right to return to Canada. If you don’t have a passport or yours expires in the next 6 months, then it’s time to apply.  All the info you need to get a passport is provided by Passport Canada.

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