Virus Alert: Northwest Airlines warns of bogus e-mail

Computer viruses are an unfortunate reality in the highly connected world we live in, and they are often spread through e-mail attachments.  The main way to combat those viruses is to simply delete the e-mail without opening the attachment.  The problem is that the dredges of the computer world are getting more creative, so it is often far from obvious when an e-mail is a phony. 

I have recently become aware of a virus that is made to look like it has come from Northwest Airlines, so I thought that I should share it.  It even includes fake ticket and on-line enrollment information!   I know of two people who have received it. and unfortunately one of them opened the attachment and are currently sending their PC to the shop.  HERE is a link with more info. 

Basically, if you did not just book a flight, do not open an e-mail claiming to contain your tickets.  Also, use a travel agent. 🙂

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