This year, insurance is more important than ever

NO, you should not travel with H1N1

YES, you can get the money back from your trip if you do cancel

I always recommend Cancellation Insurance to my clients, but with the H1N1 virus spreading so widely this year, it is especially important to protect yourself when you book non-refundable travel. 

There are 2 main options:

  1. Cruise lines and tour operators usually offer their own coverage.  The benefit is that you can often cancel for any reason, but the refund is typically in the form of a future travel voucher.
  2. Comprehensive coverage through RBC, offering a cash refund when you make a claim for a covered risk, which includes contracting H1N1.

Here is an excellent article explaining this issue in more detail.

I can help you sort out your options and set you up with the insurance package that is right for you!

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