5 Tips for Travelling with Kids

Family travel is exploding in popularity.  Here are some tips for keeping it fun for all:

  1. Get the kids involved by including them in the trip planning, which can be a big part of the fun of travel. Consider their wish lists , and when they get older you can even involve them in budget decisions.
  2. Keep little ones stimulated. Take plenty of toys or similar diversions,  including old favourites with a couple of new surprises. Don’t forget to bring some snacks to tide you over in the event of delays.
  3. Don’t overdo the history and culture lessons.  Young kids love dinosaurs (but not ancient history) and while you may love learning about the history of Peru’s mysterious Macchu Picchu, they may prefer meeting the resident llamas. Also, be sure to build in some down time each day.
  4. Some of the most amazing photos of your family holiday will be those taken by your kids. Try having a family contest for the best photo, with a neutral judge and a prize. Even the most disinterested teen is guaranteed to prick up his or her ears. If your kids are younger, remember that inexpensive disposable cameras can be best for little fingers.
  5. Kids are incredibly adaptable and often adjust to new things more easily than their parents. Come prepared with an open mind and with faith in your kids ability to adjust to their surroundings. Chances are you’ll learn as much about your kids as you will about your holiday destination!

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    Good tips!


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