How to Host Out of Town Guests

What does hosting have to do with travelling?  

Don’t you want to be invited to their place UP North, DOWN under, ON the mountain, OVER seas, or IN the islands?

Well then, here are some guidelines for being a great host:

  • Communicate with your guests regarding house rules and sleeping arrangements before arrival, so that there are no surprises and so that they can make other arrangements if they are uncomfortable with anything.
  • Have a list of nearby shopping facilities, sites to see, restaurants, and other points of interest.
  • Guests aren’t expecting a 5 star hotel, but making your home inviting with some amenities, towels, a bedside lamp and other simple comforts will put them at ease quickly.
  • Prepare for little ones by childproofing and making sure the staple needs are covered, either by the guest or by you.  Although parents should come armed, keep kids busy with some books, dvds, colouring books and activity suggestions.
  • Most guests will want to help, but don’t be upset if they don’t.
  • Never decline a gift ftom your guest, and even if it is something that you really don’t need or want you should accept it graciously.  Also, if they really want to treat, let them.  
  • If you would like to entertain your guests on a given day, let them know beforehand.  Don’t surprise them with tickets to the ballet.  They may hate the ballet.  They may have other plans.
  • Make them feel like their stay was mutually rewarding, even if it was not.  Welcome them back and escort them to the train station/airport/etc.


Remember what Benjamin Franklin said – “Guests, like fish, begin to stink after three days”… so kick them out already!

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