When “No Frills Airline” was just a joke

Rising fuel costs are forcing airlines to become more efficient, to add ‘fuel surcharges’ to their flight prices, and to get very creative in cutting costs.  This means that they are eliminating or charging for things that we have taken for granted in the past, such as snacks, pillows, and even luggage!

Check out this classic video from the Carol Burnett Show, also featuring Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Maybe it’s not as far off from reality as it was in the 60’s! I do think that the most successful airlines know the value of customer service (and of not tossing passengers out of airplanes) though! Enjoy!!

Or how about this more recent (and shorter) interpretation of airline gouging from MAD TV:

The length of the video is also a testament to our shorter attention spans 40 years later!

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